As a theatre company our main aim is to encourage the ongoing exchange of ideas and informal education through drama and music workshops, where through artistic expression we will generate a space of aesthetic enjoyment, reflection, learning processes and hopefully of personal development.

Cine Forum at Latin American House:

It consists in Latin-American and Spanish film screenings followed by an audience debate about the movie shown.

Latin-American Cine Forum’s  aim is to promote the culture of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, and to create a space where all the community’s  members can exchange their ideas and thoughts.

All the screenings are in original version with English subtitles.

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Community Theatre:

Our recent experience is: “I’m here, I’m from there”, a community project offering free drama workshops in Spanish to Spanish speaking immigrants to the UK.
“I am here, I am from there” was developed in 2009. Now, we are planning the second stage of this project.
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