The Company

Tierra Theatre Company was set up in August 2007 in London with the aim of achieving an innovative idea: to integrate theatre and drama activities with language teaching in a holistic way.

Tierra Theatre company is made up of an interdisciplinary group of artist, actors, teachers, producers and technicians whose hard work ensures excellence in education and artistic activities.

Due to our social commitment as artists,  each member of Tierra Theatre Company gives up some time to do voluntary activities in the community working on different social issues in an attempt to link them with the modern human-being.



This logo (adapted by the Argentinian artist Osvaldo Kransmanski) was taken from a variety of designs made by American Indians who have lived in the areas that are today  part of the Republic of Argentina, and have been since 500 BC.
In this case, the drawing represents a mythological being with a human face, shields of heads of dragons and bird body.

Apart from its particular originality, in this design we can see harmony as well as a highly interesting tension. It goes beyond the occult to nature and vital mysteries as well as the consciousness of unity that links man to his environment.

The earth we belong to and the flames of the mystery that search for the sky, the hereafter…
We, as actors, continue this search every time we are on stage.


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