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Talleres de teatro en español

Desarrollamos talleres de práctica de la lengua española para niños y jóvenes, a través de diferentes disciplinas artísticas siendo el Teatro, el principal recurso didáctico.

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“… I was pleasantly surprised on that particular CDD as the sessions that they put on for the IB students greatly exceeded my expectations. They had the pupils doing activities that I never thought were possible, especially with some of the more shy individuals.
The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained a lot from taking part in it.
I loved every aspect of the day!…”

Anna (Spanish teacher), North Oxfordshire Academy, Banbury

“I really enjoyed and had a good time”
“It was really fun and cool”
“I really enjoyed the scarf game! Found it really fun! I also liked Simon says game. The teachers were very nice also”
“I enjoyed this a lot and was cool”
“It was enjoyable to learn games that I played when I was younger in Spanish. I lernt new words and body parts. It was an enyoable afternoon”
“It was really fun. The day was better and more exciting than I thought it would be. I learnt so much and had fun while doing it.”
“It was really fun!”

Students, Palmers Green High School, London.



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